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Innowater: addressing the growing water crises in Europe and beyond

Fri, 15 Mar 2013

Delivering sufficient water to supply the needs of both domestic and industrial water users is one of the most fundamental challenges the world will face in the 21st Century, and sustainable water management will become an increasing policy- and business priority in the coming years.

Whilst parts of Europe still have an abundant water supply throughout most of the year, concerns about the availability of long-term renewable water resources are growing. The industrial use of water is increasing steadily with water costs reaching up to 25% of total production costs in many sectors. Companies will continue to face significant challenges in both reducing costs, whilst meeting ever more stringent policy requirements, and there is an ever greater need for innovation to provide answers to these challenges. The INNOWATER partnership has been established to bridge this gap:


The Business Proposition Toolkit (BPT) has been designed to meet to strengthen the ability of entrepreneurs to bring their innovations to the market, by gaining a deeper understanding of the specific needs of their end users:


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