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Launch of HYPER: A three year European fuel cell and hydrogen storage project

Fri, 30 Nov 2012

Consortium of European Partners has launched a three year project to develop unique, flexible and fully integrated fuel cell and storage systems for portable power applications.

Orion Innovations, Project Coordinator, would like to announce the start of the EUR 3.9 million HYPER project, ‘Integrated Power Packs for Portable and other Autonomous Applications’. The project has been granted funding of EUR 2.2 million from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking and will take three years to complete.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells are gaining market traction as an alternative to fossil fuel-based energy generators and batteries. However, portable scale applications have been held back by technological and economic barriers.

In order to address these issues, HYPER aims to develop and demonstrate a market ready, portable power pack comprising an integrated modular fuel cell and hydrogen storage system that is flexible in design, cost effective and readily customised for application across multiple low power markets. 

The HYPER project combines the development of scalable PEM fuel cell modules, with an innovative portable pack that allows the interchange of alternative hydrogen supply components. It incorporates leading edge research into novel, solid-state hydrogen storage materials. The system will subsequently be field tested in specific end user applications.

In addition to fundamental technical research, testing and development, HYPER will have a strong focus on developing a commercialisation plan that addresses the barriers to market uptake, including cost of manufacturing and identifying early routes to market.

The Consortium Partners are:

• Orion Innovations Ltd (UK): specialist strategy consulting firm that focuses on supporting innovation and growth in the clean technology sector 

• Paxitech SAS (France): leader in development and commercialisation of novel air breathing fuel cells for portable applications

• University of Glasgow (UK): renowned for research work into materials chemistry including advanced hydrogen storage materials

• EADS Innovation Works (Germany): part of EADS, a global leader in aerospace, defense and related services, EADS IW (Energy & Propulsion) undertakes cutting edge research for environmentally friendly air transport and alternative power generation

• Institute of Power Engineering (Poland): with specialist expertise and research capabilities in heat and mass exchange which occurs during thermal processes, using empirical research and mathematical modelling

• McPhy Energy SA (France): leader in innovative technologies for solid and safe hydrogen storage

• Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport: the European Commission’s in-house science service providing advice for EU policy makers, hosting a reference laboratory for testing hydrogen storage materials, and with a specific role to support FCH JU projects.

HYPER team logo banner

For more information, see the HYPER website, or contact Juliet Kauffmann, Project Coordinator at; +44 20 3176 2721.

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