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WaterInnEU Marketplace 2nd E-pitch videos available

Wed, 15 Feb 2017

The WaterInnEU Marketplace is a match making hub that has been established to accelerate the market translation of products and services of specific relevance to River Basin Management.

Did you miss the Marketplace 2nd E-Pitch Event on February 7th?

If so, the presentations and video footage of our four developers is now available! Click here:

CORES-A1 – A solar driven unmanned survey vessel, equipped with navigation & measurement equipment; managed remotely from the shore and transmitting data in real time. The station provides cost-effective sampling and direct measurement of coastal zone and inland aquatic environments, including hard-to-reach locations.


Stage of development: Seeking first customers and co-funding for phase 2 development. License / Copyright: Free and open source. Product Owner: CORES Ltd.

REFRAN-CV – Software that enables time series processing, using precipitation data from ground meteorological stations, to estimate extreme climate events by generating spatially-explicit products, such as return period maps. The software is particular relevant for regions where the availability and quality of precipitation data is limited.

REFRAN image

Stage of development: Seeking co-funding. License / Copyright: Free and open source. Product Owner: Joint Research Centre.

DPR 25 & DPR 60 – Small scale river turbines composed of twin, multi-bladed, vertical axis turbines mounted on either side of a buoyant deployment vessel.  The shape of the vessel accelerates the flow of water into the turbine, which allows for significant energy to be generated in low flows.

DPR image

Stage of development: Pre-commercialised looking for development partners. License / Copyright: Proprietary. Product Owner: GKinetic.

Smart Water – software for automatically monitoring at real-time physical, chemical parameters, detecting/analyzing anomalous events and unexpected patterns, and supporting decision makers. It is designed to improve the efficiency of water networks by automatically detecting/localizing anomalies such as leaks, transients, faults, and assisting maintenance, but it can be easily applied also to water quality, irrigation, and flood monitoring.

SmartWater image

Stage of development: Seeking technological partners, early adopters and financial support to build a full pilot for market uptake. License / Copyright: Proprietary. Product Owner: Sense4Green srls.

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