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European Commission (CIP) Europe Innova

Developing innovation support tools for SMEs and first user industries in the water and wastewater sectors.

INNOWATER is a public private innovation partnership of 15 public innovation agencies, water associations, technology specialists, innovation experts and eco-innovative cluster organisations from Belgium, Denmark, Cyprus, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Innovative technologies to address Europe’s water challenges exist, but face significant barriers to achieving market uptake. The European project INNOWATER was set up to assist SME’s and first user industries overcome these barriers through developing new and better innovation support tools and delivery mechanisms.

Orion Innovations has been responsible for analysing barriers to innovation within the UK water industry and subsequently developing a novel tool for SMEs that combines support for rigorous business model development, focussed on understanding the needs of the end user, with support for the practical implementation of the selected model. Testing and validation amongst SMEs in the UK is currently underway.


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