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European Commission (FP7)

A structured methodology for commercial exploitation of R&D results in the nanotechnology sector

Orion Innovations was a core delivery partner in a European Consortium responsible for the FP7 ProNano project. The project implemented a structured methodology for broader commercial exploitation of existing R&D results, in the field of nanotechnologies, though spin-off creation and licensing strategies.

Consoritum members worked with European and National networks and research agencies to identify potentially unexploited technology and know-how, and to develop and test novel approaches to support their commercialisation.



Critical Success Factors


The Consortium

Zabala Innovation Consulting, Orion Innovations, Fraunhofer, Technofi, i.con. innovation, Mermaid Ventures, Icons, Sodena-Fidena, Angel Capital Innovations, Technostart.

Focus of Expertise

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